An evening devoted to the Epicurean Art of Cigars   
               In the company of some of the biggest names in the industry
Lentz Louis was born the 6th of March, 1985. During his young life many saw in him a future scientist, others saw a physician or a lawyer. No one knew that he was going to be such a good musician.
In his last year of high school, the members of his premier group decided to make a song that would express their gratitude, hopes and dreams. This musical project was in fact the click that Lentz needed to realize that he was born to make music. After performing in front of more than a thousand people at his high school in Saint-Louis de Gonzague, He sat down and started questioning himself. There he met a member of a band called
Excess, Jude Andre Deslouches, who invited Lentz to join their group. In search of more experience, he accepted Jude’s offer to collaborate. After graduating from high school in 2004, he traveled to the Dominican Republic in order to attend university in hopes of being able to better support himself and his family.
No more than a month after he entered the neighboring country, he entered Pontificia Catolica Madre y Maestra, a Dominican university, as a medical student. Later on, after the second break down of the economy in Haiti in 2006, he decided to switch majors and began studying industrial engineering. Meanwhile, he had never stopped practicing the guitar his sister had given
him. Many people remember how Lentz would spend time at the university composing music. His fellow students know Lentz as a charismatic, laid back, smart fun guy.
His music career began to pick up in 2007. He says that he was not an easy path to be taken because his parents didn’t understand that music was his passion. And so he fought to make it happen! Lentz attended school, practiced music, went to work, and then went back to practicing music again. Life was never so hard, but he was a man on a mission. Lentz knew that:“if you want to be the best you have to focus on what important,” and so, he dropped out of school for one year. With
no family help, he stayed alive and fought for what he wanted.
He pursued most of the well-known musicians in the Dominican Republic, looking for knowledge. After this first small concert in Santiago, 2009 he said he realized that he only feels himself when he is on stage. Incredible songwriter a video of a producer on youtube made him realized that he could also create. Slowly software such as Cubase, Pro-tools, and fruity loops became his friends. His passion was rewarded, because after all this work he had the chance to work producers like Los Fiscales, Fiurel el Unico, Mr Prodigy and Stephan Kama from Netherland and Dj Idem from Switzerland. As he comes come from a gospel, soul and jazz background his productions are really versatile and surprising. Certain Haitian fans call him the Haitian R. Kelly because he does it all.
Always ready to help he has collaborated with plenty Haitian rappers and singers such as Dug G, Legendary Dropbeats and Baky and some more. Well loved by the Haitian community of the Dominican Republic, he is now a local icon. On his way to the top, he has shared the stage with Tito el Banmbino, Frandy Sax, Pablito Drums and also was the lead singer of a young band called Bridge. He has a dream. He wants to be the best of his
kind. Musician, singer, composer: a man with a big heart. Lentz is currently in Europe working on some more musical projects.
For example, he had started to create a foundation for the homeless kids in Santiago DR. he believes that with music he can change many things that is why he chose the name Voices of Hope for the foundation